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Category         : Residential


Year                  : 2023


Location.         : Puducherry


Photographs  : Prithivi M Samy


Publication    : Archdaily 




A woven epoch, vividly evoking its tale of authenticity, yet nostalgic, porting the experience, to interact with the innate memories of the past. 


Strolling through the streets of Pondicherry, rejoicing the intriguing blend of French and Indian influences, the ornate boulevards, decorative half-timber facades, and elegant grill details paint the colonial French Riviera. The bask in golden rays and the cultural diversity in celebrating life, answers the core intent of The House of Two Realities: a rejuvenating escape from the hustle. Acknowledging the reminiscence, the state of mind through architecture.


Amidst the intricate urban setting, The House of Two Realities evocates an everlasting glimpse of existence with its architecture and craftsmanship. Nestled with local artisanship and sun path-oriented planning, the house merrily celebrates the light.  The planning entails an introverted spatial relationship blurring the boundaries of the eternal world. The dynamic screenplay of light created by the terracotta skin and the funicular slabs on the ceiling, enacts a sundial. The Jaisalmer yellow marble imprints in the flooring mimic the configuration of rays captured through the carefully curated fenestrations.The touches of amber personifies the splashes of light adds a tinge of drama to the whole ambience.


The facade is a delicate skin and bone-knitted fabric pictured to combat solar radiation and facilitate cross-ventilation throughout the spaces. The proportion of the exterior is manipulated parallel with the horizon by blurring the floor slabs, conceived as a transcending facade outlooking a seamless frontage. 


The first threshold, an ornate wooden piece glittering the novelty of transition, opens up a mythic reality.


The solitary central core from within emphasizes hierarchy and spatial connectivity to foster togetherness, while the private spaces weed out as distinct serene sanctuaries awashed by their own brief.

Configuration of the central corridor with interlinked volumes fabricates the sense of space within a space.


The common spaces are perceived as multifaceted entities, be it the cast in-library, the floating inbuilt seater, the puja, the sprawling dining unfolding both vertically,horizontally and the other living spaces that can either coexist or function on their own. The staircase as a metaphoric spine creates a paradoxical interaction with the spaces.



The synergy in fusing the innate and processed material with the detailed intricacies dignifies the mood, and emotions to revel in the roots with its earthing layers. A minimal palette containing brass, wood, and natural stones used, adds up to the timeless era with the flavor of Indianness. The intentional rat trap cavity walls on the west and south, lime-based flooring regulates maximum thermal comfort and maintains an average habitable zone from exterior. Channelizing wind through diverse typologies of window systems and the solitude chunk of volume ensured cross ventilation and stack effect embarking the passive cooling strategies throughout the house.


The House of Two Realities is a Kernel of a dream to create a momentum of the past, pouring in the memories we heard, cherished, to be paused, relished, and elated. Remembrance to pull out the string of memory charm to be stuck for a while. The home for us to embrace living with a balanced and meaningful contentment pursuing itself as an artefact for generations together. 


A Space as an Epoch. A Reminder for you, me, and us.





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