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Category         : Retail Interiors


Year                  : 2020


Location.         : OMR, Chennai


Photographs  : Prithivi M Samy




Recognizing the colossal need to make commute cleaner and sustainable, Tirupur based automobile company ‘CK Motors’ is all set to unveil its electric scooters and electric bicycles in India. 

CK Motors is 3rd Generation Manufacturing Entity located in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.


CK Motors is the Joint Manufacturing Partner of ‘Pure EV’, which has been incubated out of IIT-Hyderabad. Pure EV currently has its manufacturing facilities at Hyderabad and CK Motors is setting up a full-fledged manufacturing unit operational at Coimbatore in a couple of months. 

Strongly believing in the principles of modern technology, Pure EV Electric Two-wheelers are fitted with duly patented Lithium-ion battery, designed in IIT-H for superior quality and user-friendly experience. 

CK Motors aims to take a major leap forward in power-assisted riding with an exciting range of product lines. 

All set to redefine the two-wheeler industry, all products have been designed to flawlessly match the requirements of the Indian roads, sail through the traffic with ease and offer nothing less of absolute perfection.

Heading for further impressive growth, CK Motors will soon launch Electric Commercial 3-Wheeler and 4-wheeler, which is currently under testing.

With a vision to help every household in India have access to sustainable mobility, CK Motors aspire to come forward for the greater good of the environment, with comfortable and convenient rides that are affordable and yet Stylish.

With a hope of a better future in mobility, CK Motors wishes to fulfill the dream of the 1.3 Billion Fellow Indians.

May Your Every Ride be Greener, Safer and Better.





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