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STO.M.P is an Architecture Practice set out by people, who believe in the juxtaposition of form-based functionality integrated into the collective conscience of the greater community. Largely influenced by the Modernist Principles, the studio experiments the ideas of contextual modernism in alignment with practical aesthetics. 



Our studio currently operates from Madurai, a town that reflects a fusion of indigenous and traditional cultures.

The Practice extends to Kuwait in collaboration with Design District, Kuwait


Architect & Graphic Artist

Shoba is an amassing artist and designer who always experiments with newer technologies and trends. She worked with M9 Design Studio, Bangalore for around 2 years before joining STOMP. She has worked on a wide range of Hospitality, Apartments, High-End Villas & Competition projects around the world. Her collaboration with Design District, Kuwait prevailed our practice in experimenting with newer material and technology. With developed interests extensive skills in Graphic design, she is actively collaborating with prnt.kuwait.

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